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14 Days of Divine Visitation (DAY 8)


As you commune with God in his word and prayer, let’s reflect on Daniel, who was thrown in the Lions’ den and the principals that protected his life from the lion. Note these key areas:

  • DANIEL MAINTAINED HIS STANDARDS: Though He found himself in the midst of ungodly people, he never conformed to their ways. He never stopped praying and trusting in His God. Do not allow your environment to change you. You must influence your environment positively.
  • HIS SECURITY WAS IN GOD: It evident in the text that Daniel remained calm even when his life was under threat. He had his firm belief that God is in charge of his security so NO HARM can come near to him.
  • DANIEL ENDURED THE DIVINE TEST: He endured the test of been thrown into the Lions den. This was a period where God seems to be silent but he sent an Angel to rescue his servant after the test.
  • NOTE AGAIN THAT GOD DIDN’T SPARE DANIEL’S ENEMIES: When your trust is only in God, he fights your enemies on your behalf. God’s fury burned against all his enemies. In God’s fury, he ordered not only the conspirators but their wives and children also to be thrown into the Den of Lions. They perished in the same trap they set for Daniel. Dan. 6:24
  • GOD ALWAYS HAS A HIGHER PURPOSE IN OUR DIFFICULT TIMES: I’m here to admonish you that God always has a purpose when we face trials and tribulations. By God’s intervention, many people came to know the God of Daniel as the one true SAVIOUR.

In the 8th day of our waiting period, remember that God is always with us and for us. It is my prayer that you remain faithful to the Father for you to obtain His favour for the rest of your life. Say blessed and protected. Amen!


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