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To me who am less than the least of all the Saints, this grace as given, that should preach among the Gentiles, the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ, to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 3:8-10

In recent times, one of the greatest decisions the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has made which has impacted the Church more than any other decision was to give the mandate of evangelism solely to the Bible Study and Prayer Group (BSPG).

Since that time the story of the growth of the PCG in the planting of Congregations has become the story of the faithfulness of the BSPG to the mandate offered to the Group by the Church, and the story of the Taifa District is no exception.

Like the story of the New Achimota District, Church Planting activities in the Taifa Area were initiated from the Accra New Town (ANT) District and spearheaded by the ANT District BSPG.

The torch for the planting of Congregations in the Taifa Area was formally lit in the Taifa Congregation with the formation of the BSPG on 25th November 1984 with twenty five members . It was done under the supervision of then Mr. Ntim Gyakari (now Rev. Ntim Gyakari) who was the caretaker of the congregation.

Interim Committee

An Interim Executive Committee was selected to execute the affairs of the Group. They were:

  • George Yaw Ankomah (President)
  • Zac Obeng Hinneh (Secretary/Fin. Sec)
  • Juliet Okrah (Member)
  • Deborah Asiamah (Treasurer)

The Group was inaugrurated on March 27, 1988, and the guest preacher was Rev, Branford Yeboah.

First Executive Committee

The first elected executive members were:

President – Patricia Osafo

Vice President -G. Y. Ankomah

Secretary – Datsin Koi Ayisi

Asst. Secretary – David Akuoko

Treasurer – Deborah Asiamah

Financial Secretary – Gabriel Owiredu Boateng

Member – Juliet Okra

Member – Grace Asiamah

North Taifa Congregation

In 1992, the Main BSPG extended its house to house outreach to North Taifa and the effort led to the planting of the first Congregation after Taifa Main Congregation.

The Congregation was innaugurated on 12thDecember1997 withBro Sasu
H.-clmkoas theCaretaker.NorthTaifaCongregation
.ll’.nmultiplieditselfwiththeplantingofthenow tremendouslyassistedbyBros.DanielAhuanor

vnlnuml Salem Congregation

Th zeal of the Taifa BSPG in Church planting was not

onlyunstoppable,it was not limited byboundaries.

The Group continued its outreach programmes and

planteda Congregationat Fise, a smallvillagein Ga West area near Amasaman. Bro Philip Ohene was

KingDavid Congregation
In 2012, the Taifa BSPG in collaboration with the

put in charge of the Fise Congregation . Bro Philip
OheneisnowaMinisterandtheFiseCongregation Church’sEvangelismCommitteeorganizedatwo also has to her credit another Congregation, Bethel day Crusade with Challenge Enterprise. The King atWestPokuase.

East Taifa Congregation CONCLUSION
In 1998, the Taifa BSPG planted another To God alone be the glory that the mustard CongregationatEastTaifa..TheCongregationwas seed planted from the Accra New Town Faithful inaugurated on 14th November 2009, and Bro Evangelists did not die but has blossomed within CharlesAdontengwasappointedtheCaretaker

Point One Kwabenya
Point one congregation was established on 3rd August, 2008 by the Taifa North PCG, led by the Bible Study and Prayer Group in conjunctionwith the mission and evangelism committee of the church.
A house to house was conducted by Bro. Sampson Adomako the then Director of Mission and Evangelismand Bro. Ernest K. Asamoah Ir. the then

Pastoral District of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. May the Lord lead the District to champion even more vigorouslythe new task of riddingthe Church of selfish inclinations, materialism and worldliness and to extend the frontiers of God’s Kingdomon earth.

I Bible Study and Prayer Group Local President.

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