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Become a Servant to be Great

Good morning my beautiful and precious family & friends. I pray this reflection meets you in good health.

The text for our reflection is Mark 10:43 ” whoever want to be great must become a servant.”

The World’s Measure

The world’s measure of greatness is based on power, possession, prestige and position.

Jesus’s Measure

Jesus’ measurement is based on service not status. Do you want to be great in the eyes of God? Then reflect on these;

  • Real servants make themselves available to serve.
  • Real servants pay attention to needs of other so that they can offer a helping hand.
  • Real servant do their best with what they have without excuses and procrastination.
  • Real servants do every task with equal dedication.
  • Real servants are faithful to their ministry. They do not quit when they are discouraged.
  • Real servants maintain a low profile.
  • Real servants don’t serve for the approval and applause of other.

Many Christians begin well as servants but end up as celebrities. If you want to be the greatest be a servant.

Have a great day. Love you.

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