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Before, During and After (If the Lord had not been on our side)


I wonder if in your own life time when you have distinctly perceived the intervention of the Lord’s Providence in your circumstances, where you knew the Lord had come to your aide to rescue you at the right time.

It is not by your strength

David writes this Psalm in a context where God delivered him and his people in a mighty and evident way. He seems to be concerned that the victory the Lord has given might be mistaken for something that could be considered to be their own strength, will or craftiness. He made it clear that it is ONLY the doing of the Lord.

This morning I want you to reflect on God’s mysterious interventions in your life where all seems to be lost and hopeless. How God intervened and saved you in the past and even today.

The Great Deliverer

My Dear, you have a GREAT DELIVERER who is always at work in your life and your individual situations. Keep trusting him for his timely interventions. “Though painful at present, it will cease before long.” He will surely visit your situation.

Good morning and have a great day.



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