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Declaration of Blessing

God Almighty we thank you. In Exodus 14, the enemy drowned because they pursued the people of God. I decree that the enterprise of the enemy will never succeed in your life in Jesus name.

In the book of Joshua 6:1, Jericho was shut because of the children of Israel, none went in and none came out. It was shut to prevent God’s people from entering. But God showed up and proved Himself to be the Living God. I see God proving himself in that situation of your life, every door of hindrance is broken today.

Supernatural open door is your portion, you shall walk into your breakthrough and glory in Jesus name. From today, decide that there would be no limitations or impossibilities with you no matter what the enemy throws at you, and you will see God move on your behalf in a dimension you have never seen before in Jesus Christ our Lord’s name. Good morning and Shalom!

God’s servant


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