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God’s Glory

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Taifa District - The Gospel, the Power of God for salvation

Good morning my Cherished readers. Hope you are all well and enjoying the grace of God.

Are you pleasing God with what you are doing or pleasing yourself?

The will of God

Doing the will of God to please Him involves doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time and for the right reason. Please read Isaiah 42:8 and 11

Taking the Glory for ourselves

It is a dangerous thing to take for ourselves the glory that belongs only to God. No man can bear witness to Christ and to himself at the same time.

Please reflect on these questions;

  • Do you pray, give, practice spiritual disciplines in order to be praised by others?or to please the Lord and glorify him?
  • Does it upset you when you aren’t honoured for the sacrifices you make and the work you do for him?
  • Are you seeking to build our own kingdom or his kingdom?

Please let your motives be clear. He alone deserves to be glorified. Do it for him and to his glorification.

May God bless and strengthen you on every area of your walk with God. May it be well with you this day. Have a good day.

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