Taifa District Presby- Rev. Esther Oduro

God’s plans for our lives can be trusted no matter the situation

Good morning my dear family and friends. What can we render to God, for all his kindness and love towards us? Unto you we ascribe all glory, praises and adoration.

The text for our reflection today is Genesis 50:15-21.

In our reading, we encounter a young man called Joseph. He learnt to trust God and stay faithful to Him throughout. God’s plans for Joseph could not be shattered by humanity.

Joseph as a young man was:

  • betrayed by his brothers
  • sold into slavery,
  • became a servant in the house of a foreigner
  • his new master’s wife tried to seduce him
  • falsely accused of attempted rape. He was thrown into prison.

These are moments you may be tempted to assume that God is silent, doesn’t care and understand your pain and suffering.

All the way from the pit to the prison, Joseph ended up in the Palace. The process of Joseph swallowing the ‘bitter pill’ was difficult. Through it all, the Lord was with him. God was watching over all that concerned Joseph.

Joseph on the other hand never gave up but in all the bitter circumstances he learnt to trust and lean on God, choosing to serve him faithfully and honouring him in everything.

My dear, we do not always know God’s plans for our lives. In the process of preparing us for that special plan of God concerning our lives, we may face betrayal, accusations, or unjust punishments, yet under the hand of God. Don’t forget that, under those circumstances God is shaping you to be who he intends you to be. The outcome or end result can be trusted to God. I don’t know what you are going through now, but I admonish you not to sell your inheritance, continue to be God’s faithful and whole-hearted servants. The end will surely be glorious. Have a great day.

God Bless You



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