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History of King David

Learn the history behind the establishment of The King David Preaching Post under Taifa District, Presby.

For We are God’s felIow workers, you are God’s building.
1 Corinthians3:9 NIV

King David Preaching Post is the fourth church planted by Presbyterian church of Ghana, Taifa congregation, lead by the bible study and prayer group. (Grace  congregation, North Taifa, Fise Presby and Trinity congregation, East taifa).

After the approval of Taifa congregation session, a brief survey was carried out in the Taifa Norway down to dome west and beyond the railways area.


A Two—day crusade was organized by the church evangelism committee and bible study and prayer group with challenge cinema van on 16th and 17th February.

The aim was to spread the word of God and also plant a church in that area. During the crusade, 136 people including  children responded to the alter call.

By God’s grace Mr. and Mrs. David Kudjiku  provided one of their school’s classrooms to be used as church hall and meeting place.


First Service

First service was held on 19th February, 2012.

Mr. George Yaw Ankomah preached the sermon.

Six adults made up of four (4) females, and two (2) males attended the church service, namely:

  • Hanna Ofosua,
  • Cecelia Ofosua Dawu,
  • Comfort Mirekua,
  • Grace Mensah,
  • Samuel K. Anani,
  • and Daniel Latevi.

The children’s service also recorded fifteen (15) attendants. A team of children service teachers led by Gilbert Agah from taifa congregation was brought to handle the children’s service. It included Paulina Agah, Enoch Agah and Janet Sefa. Faustina Offei and Henrietta Nartey, members of the church joined them.

The offertory on that day was GHC30.00


First IMC

The following were appointed as members of an interim management committee of the church on March 29, 2012 by Rev D. O. Boapeah.


  • Ebenezer Owusu (Catechist)
  • Cecelia Ofosua Dawu (Secretary)
  • Edward T. Asogbah (Senior Presbyter)
  • Agnes Banaye-Sasu (Treasurer)
  • Samuel K. Anani (Member)
  • Alfred Bempong (Member)
  • Richmond Ofori (Member)
  • Samuel A. Obese (Member)

Role of Agents

The church is currently under the leadership of Taifa congregation.

First Baptism

On the December 29, 2012, Rev. D. O. Boapeah administered the first baptism where people were baptized, namely:

  • Portia Awuku
  • Belinda Okyere
  • Lydia Adwoa Sakyibea
  • JoshuaTei
  • Johnson Tei
  • and Yvonne Tei.

First Communion

The church had its first communion service on August 19, 2012 by Rev. D. O. Boapeah. Three [3] people were restored and seventeen(17) people participated.

Introduction To The District

The church was introduced to New Achimota District on Sunday 24th November 2013  during the District session at Achimota College.

Acquisition of Land

The church recently acquired two plots of land at Taifa Junction, Behind the washing bay at an amount of GHC130,000.