Love your Enemies

Good morning my lovely family and friends. It’s another new day and we appreciate God for keeping us safe.

The text for our reflection is Luke 6:27-38.

Beloved, your identity as a disciple or child of God will automatically attract enemies to yourself. You will not be universally accepted and liked by everyone you meet.Our master Jesus went through the same challenge (suffer for righteousness sake) and he occasionally told his followers that they would receive the same treatment as he did.

The expectation of our master is not for us to retaliate, hate or fight back the actions of our enemies rather, he expects us to love them. We are to do good to them, bless them when they curse us and not to respond to them with harsh words but with sensitivity and kindness. We are to pray for them when they mistreat us and demonstrate total love to them.

What is prevailing in our world today? We fight , curse and pray against our enemies, to the extent of wishing them their instant death. Jesus expects us to love and pray for them. The people in the world may hate their enemies but we are totally different. Remember , our father showed them love and mercy so let us go out and do likewise. He is our strength, OUR GRACE THY STRENGTH, OUR RULE THY WORD. PH 410.

Please do have a blessed day.



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