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The Day of Victory is around the corner

Good day my dear family and friends. Have you considered the life of the Biblical JOB? Please read James 5:7-11.

Job, went through intense suffering but interestingly his intense suffering was matched by an equally immense ability to endure.

Job, in the midst of personal calamities which came one after the other, He was still able to say, ” though they slay me, yet I will trust in him.” Job 13:15. Can this be your affirmation this morning despite all the pain, trials, tribulations, hatred, persecution etc, you are going through?

According to James 5:10b, our example is those who spoke in the name of the Lord. You are going through all these because you are on the Lord’s side. Winners never quit

Don’t give up, rather persevere in suffering until the day of victory which is around the corner. Cheer-up! the Lord is on your side.

You are a conqueror!

Osofo Esther

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