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We must work the works of Him that sent us while it is day, a time is coming when no man can work.
(]ohn 9:4)


As part of B.S.P.G.’s projects in theyear 2007, itwas stated thata new church at Point One be established at the beginning of the year 2008.The evangelism committee of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, North Taifa helped and with God’s help Vision Congregation was established on February 3, 2008.


Mr. / Mrs. Kumi and their family accepted our proposal to use their  premise for the church. They provided us with chairs, electricity and tables to start with. Our first meeting day was on the 6th February 2008.

Thursday to be precise, and from 7.00 pm to 8.30.p.m. Twenty people attended the evening’s meeting:

  • Nine [9] adults
  • Six [6] Youths
  • Five [5] Children excluding 3 the committee members

In May 2008, our number increased to 25. During meetings programmes’ such as Bible studies, House to house evangelism, Dawn broadcast and prayers were organized to help spread the Gospel as well as maintain the moral and spiritual life of the church.

The Church was outdoored by Rev. Godfred Bamfoon 3rdAugust, 2008 with a total attendance of 76. This comprises of 50 adults, 15 youths, and 11 children


  1. Mr. Sampson Adomako (Director of Evangelism)
  2. Mr. Franscis Twum Boateng (Secretary)
  3. Mr. Alfred Sakyi Bansah (Member)
  4. Mr. Maxwell Ofori (Member)
  5. Mr. Emmanuel Kumah (Member)
  6. Mr. Paddy Sampson (Member)
  7. Mr. Nana Kwame Adjei Enti (Member)
  8. Min. Ernest Asamoah (Member)
  9. Mr. Ransford Osei
  10. Mr. Aaron Sakyi Bansah
  11. Mrs. Patricia Asantewaa
  12. Mr.s Rose Seibe
  13. Sis. Vida Brobbey Addo
  14. Mrs. Eva Owusu






Our first Baptism was done on 21st September 2008; 13 Children and 2 Adults were baptized and this was conducted by Rev Bamfo.


The first communion service was on the 21st September 2008 and the officiating Minister was Rev. Godfred Bamfo. About 26 people went for communionon that day.



Despite the progress of the Church the problems we encountered were many.

Evangelism, Committee members had to travel long distances to encourage people to attendChurch services. Aside that, one other problem was unstable membership due to the long distances members had to cover to attend services.



We give thanks to the Lord for how far He has brought us. We know and believe that He who has started a good work will surely perform it to the Very end. We show appreciation to all who have helped in one way or another to bring this vision to pass.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, strengthen and empower us all for the task ahead of us, as we all wait for His second coming. AMEN.


Rev. Eric Roger Addae
Minister in Charge

Cat. Sampson Adomako