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What is Calling

When a person wants to be a pastor, he is asked, “how did you know that God has called you?”

That is when people start telling a whole lot of stories that the leaders seated behind the table wonder if that is what is called “a Call”.

Some give the following reasons:

  • They they saw God in a dream and He opened Hishands saying they should come
  • They dreamt that a man of God was laying hands on them

Let God reveal something to you:

Every Christian who has been called from darkness into light has been called.

Everyone who gives his life to Christ with hands lifted up acknowledging that he or she lives no more for himself but for God has the calling on him or her.

Let me tell you why:

If it is said that someone is called, what is it?

  1. It is a Unique
  2. It is a Divine assignment
    If something is divine, it has been given by God unto man for His purposes.
    These purposes require faithfulness, activeness and obedience.

A call is something unique and outstanding God gives us so that His work can go on. Cherish and value it, in Jesus Name.


Extracted from the Sermon: “Answering the Call of God“, by Rev. Esther Oduro

God Bless You



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